Something about collaboration


I'm about to begin work on a large editorial illustration project (a serialized novel!) with the always awesome fiction writer Samuel Ligon, and I can't wait to get to started. 

Sam and I did a collection of short stories a few years ago and the process was surprisingly collaborative—I assisted in the shaping and editing of several stories while Sam provided me with great feedback on the visual elements. I anticipate this go round will be just as collaborative. More details soon. In the meantime ...

Speaking of collaboration/ Collage is almost always a collaborative effort. Or, at least that's my working theory.

Black & white & pink all over/ My most recent work has taken off in an unexpected direction (featuring black and white photos of faceless midcentury businessmen hidden beneath scraps of pinkish paper). I'm not sure where this series is headed, but I'm gonna roll with it and see where it takes me.

Cut-and-paste in motion/ I compiled a small collection of (mostly music) videos which show the versatility of collage. 

Some other things/ The work of collage idols Lou Beach and Jesse Draxler could not be any more different yet equally rad ... I don't skateboard as much as I used to but goddamn this part by Louie Lopez is 100% stoke—power, speed, and style.... and I tore through the novel Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel (if you're into dystopian speculative fiction with heart, I recommend it). 

- Stephen

PS/ This kind of blew my mind.

[Note: I send an email about cut-and-paste collage every third Friday. This is the May 18, 2018 edition.]