Editorial Illustration

/Part 2: Rejection & Inspiration

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A couple months back I mentioned I had an editorial illustration project in the works, and since then I spent much of June and most of July working on mockups to present the editor of the publication with the hope of landing the job (a serialized novel published in weekly segments in print and online). 

Well, I didn't land the gig, but I don't feel bad about having my work rejected. 

I don't feel rejected because I know I did my best and I believe the publisher when they say they liked the work but it was too much of a departure from their normal aesthetic and that they felt more comfortable going with an artist they'd worked with before. 

And even if that wasn't the whole truth, I'm grateful for the opportunity. I learned a lot and the process forced me out of my comfort zone, leading me to incorporate some digital tools into my work). What's more, the project was an excuse to do some research and discover some really awesome artists working in the field of editorial (and/or book cover) illustration who utilize collage techniques.

Here are a few favorites from my inspiration board (with each piece linking the corresponding artist's larger body of work). Enjoy.