All commissioned works come framed, matted, and signed.


SMALL // Approx. 5"x7" // $135
MEDIUM // Approx. 8"x12" // $215
LARGE // // Approx. 11"x14" // $350

[NOTE: Sizes listed above represent the actual artwork, not the frame.]


The first step is to email me at stephen@stphn-knzvch.com and let me know that you're interested.

At that point, we can talk a bit about what you like, what you're hoping the piece will be, and then I'll ask you to send me anywhere between 10-25 "inspiration" images. I'll use these images to get a sense of the subject matter and the overall vibe. 

If what you're asking for is, honestly, something I think I can't adequately create to your specifications, I'll tell you that up front. 

I can only make what I make, and all final pieces will be filtered through my own personal aesthetic. 

In short, collage is unpredictable.