Something about taking a break/



Hey -

It's been a while. Too long really. 

When I first committed to writing these blog posts, I made a promise (mostly to myself) that I would post one every week and it's been ... [looks at watch] ... nearly two months since my last dispatch. Yikes. 

Sorry for the radio silence but the truth is ... I needed a break.

I burned myself out pulling together spec work for a big editorial illustration gig (that fell through) and taking on several freelance jobs (that are going well) and avoiding death by daily news (I'm still alive) and grinding at my day job (we're growing) and then deciding to have another kid (it's a boy!) and so on. 

You know, life stuff.

But I've missed sending this email, and I hope you've missed receiving it, and I woke up today and decided I needed to get this thing back on track. So here we are.

There will be other breaks in the future because sometimes—sometimes—you just need to step away.

If I had to guess, I'd say the next break will probably maybe definitely coincide with the arrival of baby #2 at the end of February. Until then, I'll be here. 

Works in progress/ Sure, I haven't been doing the email thing for the last few months, but that doesn't mean I haven't been in the studio (I have). Here's a sampling of some new work

Making things to someone else's spec/ A few thoughts on commissioned collaging, working with other people's inspiration, and the endless process of searching through scraps. 

The revenge of analog/ Season three of the always excellent Hurry Slowlypodcast started last week. My favorite episode from season two was with journalist David Sax who argues on behalf of the tactile. 

Some other things/ This music video collage tripped me out ... a publisher wisely collected the collage works of John Gall ... speaking of books, Craig Mod explores the importance of margins .... there is a reason Devo is the greatest band ever ... and the art direction at Sovrn Skateboards is on point.

- Stephen 

PS/ I'll let this quote by Charles Henri Ford speak for me.