Video Collage - Part 002

More cut-and-paste in motion/

I’m a sucker for a good video collage, and I’ve used this space to share some of my recent finds (here and here), but it’s been a while so I thought it time to share a few more.

1/ Menace Beach :: Animation by Sara Serna

The above video is a tripped-out black-and-white vid animated by Columbian artist Sara Serna and set to the driving rhythms of UK duo Menace Beach. Serna’s Vimeo page is worth a watch, too.

2/ Beck :: Animation by Antonio Vincentini

I admit, I haven’t listened to a lot of Beck’s newer stuff (I checked out after 2008’s Modern Guilt), but the dude knows how to write a catchy track … and though “Wow” might not be of the same caliber as his older stuff, paired with the vibrant animation of Brazilian artist (and skateboarder!) Antonio Vincentini it makes for a fun watch.

3/ RIVE :: Animation by Temple Caché

The trip-hop inspired tunes of Belgian band RIVE fit well with the over-saturated colors and vintage cutouts created by the French creative company Temple Caché, whose other work also incorporate quite a bit of collage elements. I especially dig the video they did for American-French cosmic-hop group FREEZ (below).

(H/T I came across several of these videos over on … which is an excellent collage-focused blog/journal curated by Finnish designer and collage artist Niko Vartiainen).