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Video Collage - Part 002

More cut-and-paste in motion/

I’m a sucker for a good video collage, and I’ve used this space to share some of my recent finds (here and here), but it’s been a while so I thought it time to share a few more.

1/ Menace Beach :: Animation by Sara Serna

The above video is a tripped-out black-and-white vid animated by Columbian artist Sara Serna and set to the driving rhythms of UK duo Menace Beach. Serna’s Vimeo page is worth a watch, too.

2/ Beck :: Animation by Antonio Vincentini

I admit, I haven’t listened to a lot of Beck’s newer stuff (I checked out after 2008’s Modern Guilt), but the dude knows how to write a catchy track … and though “Wow” might not be of the same caliber as his older stuff, paired with the vibrant animation of Brazilian artist (and skateboarder!) Antonio Vincentini it makes for a fun watch.

3/ RIVE :: Animation by Temple Caché

The trip-hop inspired tunes of Belgian band RIVE fit well with the over-saturated colors and vintage cutouts created by the French creative company Temple Caché, whose other work also incorporate quite a bit of collage elements. I especially dig the video they did for American-French cosmic-hop group FREEZ (below).

(H/T I came across several of these videos over on … which is an excellent collage-focused blog/journal curated by Finnish designer and collage artist Niko Vartiainen).

The Shapes We Make

Video collage built using Google Earth imagery/

arena grab.JPG

This experimental short video by artist Páraic McGloughlin blows my mind.

Entitled "Arena" and clocking in at a minute and half, it utilizes what must be hundreds (if not thousands) of still images pulled from Google Earth. The end result is both hypnotic and exhilarating. 

McGloughlin describes the work as "a brief look at the earth from above, based on the shapes we make, the game of life, our playing ground."

The video is below and is definitely worth watching (multiple times). 

Video Collage

Cut-and-paste in motion/

A friend of mine sent me a link to a music video today. She said she thought I'd like it. And she was right.

The video (above) is by collage artist Winston Hacking (who also does more traditional cut-and-paste ... and collage GIFs!) and is reminiscent of Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer" stop-motion classic (which is reminiscent of Terry Gilliam's amazing Monty Python animations). 

And while I dig the Shauf music video, I really fucking dig the one Hacking did for Flying Lotus (below).

Watching these videos, I started thinking about other video collages I've stumbled across online recently. Specifically, the animated loop "Tango" by Polish artist Zbigniew Rybczyński from 1980 (via).

The Rybczyński video reminded me of the Bonobo music video "Cirrus" by animation artist Cyriak (who, btw, also did the opening sequence for w/ Bob & David (which is the follow up to the greatest sketch comedy show ever created, Mr. Show with Bob & David)).

I'm not sure if there's a larger point to this post other than to share all of these awesome videos and to say: Collage is amazing and versatile, and amazingly versatile. 

Cut. Paste. And repeat.